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Nuclear Regulation Authority Outline of the New Safety Standards for Light Water Reactors for Electric Power Generation
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Outline of New Safety Standard (Design Basis)
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New Safety Standards (SA) Outline (Draft)
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Outline of New Safety Standard(Earthquake and Tsunami)(DRAFT)

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OTjapan Measures for Tsunami Striking Nuclear Power Station in Japan
Special Article: The Great Tohoku Earthquake (1)
OTjapan The Tragedy of “To Be” Principle in the Japanese Nuclear Industry
EJAMOT_CN3_Figure1_The_outside_view_of_CEFR OTChinaPlanning and Consideration on SFR R&D Activities in China
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EJAM7-3NT72 A New Mechanical Condition-based Maintenance Technology Using Instrumented Indentation Technique
EJAM7-3NT73 Survey robots for Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

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Occasional Topics
OT1_Uesaka (09-06-24)
(OT1) The 7th Maintenance Seminar
Activity Report of Condition-based Maintenance Technology (CMT)
Panel of Japan Society of Maintenology
Panel Chair : Mitsuru Uesaka (Nuclear Professional School, University of Tokyo)
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1. Activity Report of Condition-based Maintenance Technology(CMT)Panel of Japan Society of Maintenology
Panel Chair: Mitsuru Uesaka
Nuclear Professional School, University of Tokyo
2. Condition Based Maintenance Technology Panel in Japan Society of Maintenology
Chair: Prof. K. Miya
Assesement WG chaired by Dr.A.Yamaguchi
Technology WG chaired by M.Uesaka
Focused on Pumps containing Bearings now
Fracture Test and In-situ Measurements by practical methods of Vibration, AE, Oil and Debris Analysis, and Thermography
New Techniques; Guide-wave UT, EMAT, On-site RT, Optical Fiber Brug Peak Measurement.
3. Bearing Experiment
4. Electromagnetic Signal Pick-up for Real Horizontal Circulating at Technical Training Center, Pump by IIU Co. Ltd, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, METI
5. Spectrum of Electromagnetic Signal from Impeller (CH1)
6. FFT Signal (CH3) for Bearing
7. Guided-wave UT method
Tokushima University
8. EMAT-EC Multi-probe Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University
9. Introduction
10. Comparison with other system
11. Regulation of Radiation Safety in Japan for Electron Linear Accelerators
Below 1 MeV
Allowed to be used outside radiation controlled area with reasonable local shielding and protection system
Below 4 MeV
Allowed to be used outside radiation controlled area only for inspection of bridges
Over 6 MeV
Should be used in radiation controlled area for Medical use and Scientifc and security- applications
12. System configuration
13. Measurement of discrimination ability by using wire type penetrometer
14. Concept of Real-Time Imaging
15. Experimental Setup
16. Results
17. J-PARC Proton Synchrotron and Neutron Spallation Source And Residual Strain/Stress Measurement
18. Summary Subjects
Synchronized transmission on-line imaging by 950 keV portable X-ray source has been performed.
Practical bearing containing ~0.5 mm defect at impeller plans to be tested.
Further, the lifetime evaluation test by vibration, AE, oil and debris analysis and thermography is under way.
Residual strain/stress before macroscopic cracks is going to be measured.
Reliable lifetime evaluation of bearing using overall high-tech measurements is the final target of the CMT panel.