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Academic Articles
Regular Paper Vol.4No.2 (2012) p.79 - p.87

Critical Consideration on Wall Thinning Rate by Liquid Droplet Impingement Erosion

Nobuyuki FUJISAWA1,*, Ryo MORITA2, Akira NAKAMURA3 and Takayuki YAMAGATA 1
1 Visualization Research Center, Niigata University, Niigata 950-2181, Japan
2 Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry, Tokyo, 201-0004, Japan
3 Institute of Nuclear Safety System Inc., Fukui, 919-1205, Japan
In this paper, the experiments on the wall thinning rate by the liquid droplet impingement in literature are studied by examining the erosion process, the method of erosion tests and the measurement accuracy of droplet velocity. Although the wall thinning rates scatter among the researchers, they come to a consistent result when the experimental conditions are considered. The power index of droplet velocity in the wall thinning rate ranges from 6 to 8 for the water jet and spray tests, while that of the rotating disk test shows smaller power index 5.8, which is closer to the theoretical value 5. The difference in the power indices is expected to be due to the influence of liquid film over the test specimen.
Liquid droplet impingement, Erosion, Droplet velocity, Metal material, Wall thinning rate, Nuclear power plant
Full Paper: PDF EJAM Vol.4No. 2 pp.79-87 "Critical Consideration on Wall Thinning Rate by Liquid Droplet Impingement Erosion
Article Information
Article history:
Received 3 April 2012
Accepted 7 July 2012