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Regular Paper Vol.7 No.1 (2015) p.74 - p.77

Ageing Management of Nuclear Power Plants in China

Li Liu1, Zheng Cao Li2, Naoto Sekimura1

1 The University of Tokyo, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, 7-3-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan
2 Tsinghua University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Haidian, Beijing 100084, China


Currently China has 22 units of nuclear power reactors (NPPs) in operation, 27 units under construction. The first NPP Qinshan-I has been operated for 23 years, while the design life time is 30 years. In order to maintain safety operation of NPPs, it is very important to detect ageing effects, to understand related reduction in safety margins and to take actions before loss of integrity and functions. Ageing management program is set up for systems, structures and components important to safety to understand, monitor, and manage ageing effects in China. In addition, ageing, as one of safety factors, is reviewed during Periodical Safety Review. The regulation on licence renewal or long term operation should be decided by Chinese regulatory body in the near future.

Ageing management, long term operation, periodical safety review, Qinshan-I nuclear power plant
Full Paper: PDF EJAM Vol.7No.1 pp.74-77 "Ageing Management of Nuclear Power Plants in China"
Article Information
Article history:
Received 30 November 2014
Accepted 13 March 2015