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EJAM New Technology Submission Guideline Attachment-4

An Example of New Technology Format (Word)

Name of Authors, their affiliations, etc.:e.g. Japan Society of Maintenology, Kenzo MIYA

Keywords:Up to 10 keywords

1. Technical Summary

2. Development Phase

* Please pick up one below (for detailed information please refer to "Development Phase " based on Attachment-2 "Development Level of the Technology on EJAM New Technology".)

  (1) Phase 1   (2) Phase 2   (3) Phase 3

3. Scope

4. Features

5. Example(s) of Application

6. Reference

7. Contact: EJAM Administration Office (ejam@jsm.or.jp)

This example shows the minimum information. Authors may use Power Point data in 1-5, or cite previously-published papers in 6. Please use any additional data or information and make sure to show which categories you would like to put those supporting materials.

e.g An example of material
*if you would like to provide additional information in a separate sheet (e.g. Sheet A), please submit it in another text file and make sure which words should be linked to the sheet.

Fig.1 a Title of a Figure
("and a corresponding name of the data file"*)
In addition, you can put explanation if needed. It will be placed below the figure.
*The number of figures is not limited, and figures should be submitted as each data file such as PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc.
*Please make sure to show where the figure should be located.
Fig.2 Title
("name of data file")
Fig.3 Title
("name of data file")