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EJAM New Technology Submission Guideline Attachment-3

Guideline to Prepare NT Manuscripts

In order to contribute the readers by providing proper information and arouse their interests, manuscripts should be prepared as suggested below.

1. Application of technologies

  1. 1) Contents should be described clearly so that readers can understand which components, locations, and materials, and under which conditions, technologies can be applied.
  1. 2) New Technology is not technology standardization, therefore, confirmed area of application may not be strictly described. It is recommended to state major components where technologies are applied, and also its highly practical application.

2. Application effects of technologies

  1. 1) Manuscripts should give clear understanding of effects by applying technologies.
  1. 2) Confirmed effects do not need to be described strictly such as technology standardization. If there are certainly achievable or practically expectable effects, they should be stated in contents.

3. "Visualization" of technologies

  1. 1) Toward a better understanding of its new technology by the readers, use of tables, figures, and moving images which give clear concept of the technologies is highly recommended.

4. Others

  1. 1) When preparing manuscripts, please refer to "New Technology Format" (word) which contains all the points stated above.
  1. 2) Manuscripts should be written in English.