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We are very glad to welcome you to the 1st International Conference on Maintenance Science and Technology for Nuclear Power Plants (ICMST-Tokyo) to be held at the University of Tokyo, Japan on November 11-14, 2012. The objectives of the conference are to discuss the possibility of “Maintenology” as a trans-disciplinary science, and to exchange the updated information on advanced maintenance.
This ICMST conference was initiated by the Japan Society of Maintenology as the International Seminar on Maintenance Science and Technology for Nuclear Power Plants held in Sendai, Japan on November 2-4, 2010. More than 115 including 28 international experts in the maintenance field gathered in Sendai from industries, academia, research organizations, and regulatory bodies and from China, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Korea, USA and Japan. We discussed about what is “Maintenance Science” and how we improve maintenance engineering and technology especially in nuclear power plant field. Maintenance Science is the central and essential factor, not only for the international development of large-scale facilities like nuclear power plants, but also for safe and stable long term operation of them.
We know that it is necessary to solve specific problems depending on their situations and conditions, and with global cooperation, the confidence in nuclear power systems and operation can be accomplished by systematizing and quantifying maintenance science and technology. These understandings led us to believe that now it is a time to provide such an opportunity for all of us by holding the 1st International Conference on Maintenance Science & Technology for Nuclear Power Plants.

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