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OTjapan Measures for Tsunami Striking Nuclear Power Station in Japan
Special Article: The Great Tohoku Earthquake (1)
OTjapan The Tragedy of “To Be” Principle in the Japanese Nuclear Industry
EJAMOT_CN3_Figure1_The_outside_view_of_CEFR OTChinaPlanning and Consideration on SFR R&D Activities in China
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ICMST-Shenzhen 2016
Nov 1 - 4, 2016
Shenzhen, China
ICMST-Kobe 2014
Nov 2(Sun) - 5(Wed), 2014
Kobe, Japan
Nuclear Regulation Authority Outline of the New Safety Standards for Light Water Reactors for Electric Power Generation
For Public Comment
Outline of New Safety Standard (Design Basis)
For Public Comment
New Safety Standards (SA) Outline (Draft)
For Public Comment
Outline of New Safety Standard(Earthquake and Tsunami)(DRAFT)
  Vol.8 No.4(Feb-25)
Vol.8 No.3(Nov-25)
Vol.8 No.2(Aug-25)
Vol.8 No.1(May-25)

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EJAM7-1NT69 A New Mechanical Condition-based Maintenance Technology Using Instrumented Indentation Technique
EJAM7-1NT70 Survey robots for Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

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EJAM Vol. 9-2 Just Published on AUG. 25 2017.

We published 18 papers of ICMST-2016 now.

Rest of ICMST-papers are going to be published
in Vol.9-3 (November).

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Special Issue 17: The 3rd International Conference on Maintenance Science and Technology (ICMST-Shenzhen 2016)
Guest Editor:Zhenmao Chen

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